it was a mistake but I am here again


yes I totally logged in by mistake but then again I have so much to share that I thought why not, let’s put it out there.

I find my life hilarious at times, probably coz I have the good habit of just laugh off the crap that comes my way. Although this is not excuse for the asses that keep doing those things

so in a moment of “I have had enough” let me tell you:

it is not cool to ‘cold message’ someone after two months to let them know yuo are not into them but you would like to be friends. For two good reasons: 1. I got that 2. two months is a little too late to claim friendship. You had better things to pursue which is fair enough, just leave me alone, if you wanted to be friends you should have kept in touch all along!

it is not cool to dump someone and 2 months later get intouch and bother, claiming you still have feelings for me and that you are single. Dude I freaking hate you!! and I am smart enough to check you fb page (even with you blocking me), and what’s with this two months timeframe? get lost

it is not cool to string along people for no good use at all. I exist also outside working hours. get lost too

it is not cool to drop your friends just coz you got a new squeeze, she/he is probably going to last 2 months. Then what? we are back being friends?  or if he/she’s the one, does it mean you are going to hang out with couples only from now on? typical! so for you too I have a message: get lost

I have few friends that are worth it and for them I have always time. For everyone else  … you have to earn it or go bother someone else

Good Monday everyone!!


Singapore day 1


The plan was to go to the Botanic gardens for the morning but as I was so slow in getting the day started by the time I left home the weather had turned bad.
So I got onto a train and made it to harbour front. I pretty much spent a couple of hours just looking around. Got some tuna buns. Walked around some more before stopping for lunch at crystal jade restaurant. You have to see the pics of the dumplings!! Awesome!

20120825-063214.jpg Then I tried an hot an sour crab meat soup. To best describe it think of a vegetarian delight from din tai fung in hot and sour broth and add crab meat.
Spicy warm and filling. Plus it has some veggies so it makes me feel good about it


Then I made to sentosa island eventually and well … It was so much fun!! Coz I went to …

I am really happy I got the express pass. It made my life so much easier. I never had to queue and towards the end I even managed to go back for an extra ride on my favourite ones.
I left at closing time, at 7, and again decided to walk back on the boardwalk
Stunning views but boy I got tired if walking around!!

ufficialmente older!


è il mio compleanno, di nuovo!!

ok ve la racconto mi son sognata Mr Red , caro !

eravamo attorno a un tavolo in un terrazzo a chiaccherare con altra gente e a un certo punto la conversazione è andata sulla nostra storia e io gli ho detto che non ne volevo parlare, che era storia vecchia.

hahahahaha io che non ne voglio parlare???  ma ci credete? eppure!

comunque sempre nel sogno lui è molto carino e gentile e torniamo a parlare d’altro e mi dice di come è felice della sua vita.

beh oggi (e non succede mai) ci siamo parlati un poco in chat, anche perché è  il mio compleanno e lui se lo ricorda sempre (che tesoro). Beh ecco mi sono scesi i lacrimoni, sarà anche vero che è storia vecchia ma è pur sempre il mio grande amore e non mi lascia indifferente nemmeno se parlassimo di detersivi.

Cosi parlando mi ha detto che finalmente si è deciso a mettere su famiglia. non so se è stata lei a fare il miracolo o semplicemente l’età ma sono contenta per lui che farebbe proprio dei bambini carini 🙂

grande e anche questa e’ fatta!!


mi piacciono le sfide, nel caso non fosse chiaro. so this year with no much thinking I signed up for the Sydney half marathon. Consider that I never run before.  I mean even running towards the bus stop. I did lots of hiking last year but it’s a completely set of muscles. As I got two understand. Last September, two weeks after my 100km hik,e I run 9km on the Sydney bridge race and it hurt way more than the long hike.

So anyway comes February and I am suppose to start training. Thanks to the “pirla” (chiamiamo le cose col loro nome) I started training much later coz I was heartbroken (ha’) but at least when I started I had no doubts and it really helped clearing my mind. So when I started I was going out to run about 2kms. I step it up to 5, then to 7 and I started having split shins. Then got busy and pretty much stayed around the 5/7 mark. I wasn’t too worried though coz my goal was finishing the half-marathon and I didn’t care how long it was going to take. The longest run before the race was only 13km and that’s when I realised I was going to struggle to meet the cut off times. But as you can see from my picture  I DID!  it’s all in the head! mine is stronger than my legs

so all I have to say, mimicking Nike, is : JUST DO IT!

she runs the night


This was tafter the runhe best running event ever!!
very well organised, lots of fun and it felt glamorous and rewarding. it made me happy even though it was hard and it took me forever to finish.

I crossed the line clocking in 1h36′ not a great time and now the half marathon being only 16 days away is quite a scary thought.

ma per ora godiamoci i muscoli indolenziti mail morale alto. E’ stata una bella avventura come al solito portata a termine nonostante la disorganizzazione , con spesieratezza, canticchiando allegramente durante il percorso e attivamente cercando di farsi incitare dai volontari a ognisvolta di percorso. un applauso, un sorriso, unabattuta anche se banale tutto conta per andare avanti … col sorriso